Anxiously awaiting the Airstream!

I grew up in SoCal close to Disneyland and as a kid, I remember my parents taking us there from time to time.  It was so exciting to go and the drive to get there seemed SO long even though it may have only taken us about 30 minutes – Interstate 5 wasn’t as crazy back in those days.  The anticipation just kept building as we would pass things along the way that told me we were getting close.  I particularly remember the smell of the citrus groves close to the highway.  When you exited the freeway then turned into the Disneyland entrance, the question “are we there yet” had been answered.  I would feel a tingle all over as my face lit up with joy and I declared “Disneyland!!!”

As silly as it may seem as a grown adult, this is how I’m feeling about our Airstream.  We have been planning this adventure for several months.  There is a LOT to do to downsize your life into a small shiny house.  We are on the tail end of all of this preparation now.  We have rented our main home and updated another property to sell, which is happily now under contract and set to close in just a few weeks. We are getting ready to take our exit up ahead and the anticipation of a thrilling new ride is giving me that same feeling I had when I was a kid!

So, imagine this… suddenly as we are just one exit away, we find out we have a flat tire!  We were supposed to pick up our Airstream this weekend and just yesterday we were told that it will not be ready until the first week in December, which by the way is after the close date on the house!  I feel like we are on the side of Interstate 5, just one exit away from Disneyland, waiting on AAA.  I’ve been on the phone with our dealer and also directly with Airstream to see what can be done.  Mistakes happen and I have faith they will work to make it right.  I’m still excited but also hoping that they can come through to get us on our adventure as soon as possible.  Fingers crossed!

Ultimately, I know that these are simple challenges to be overcome and that these ups and downs are part of the whole journey.  We are so close…

Published by Karen

Scuba Instructor, Travel Enthusiast, Tech Bosslady. Traveling the country in an Airstream. Endlessly curious.....

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