Our silver ship is almost ready to sail!

We got the call today!  Our Airstream has come off the line from Jackson Center, OH and has arrived at RVOne in Des Moines, IA.  I was pretty frustrated a couple of weeks ago with the delay but both Airstream and RVOne have been great in working to make the best of the situation.  Mistakes happen but the effort to get it right is so very appreciated.  Honestly, the weather the last few days has been so bad that the idea of trying to get on the road in snow and unusually frigid November weather makes this delay seem welcome, minus the fact that I want to run screaming from the cold! Anyway, I’m reminding myself daily, to take it slow.

We are frantically wrapping up several things here and moving our few items into a storage unit.  We head to Des Moines on Friday for our demo and pick up.  As new RV’ers, we are feeling excited and a little scared at the same time.  It’s pretty silly but I feel like we are bringing home a new baby.  Certainly not the same level of responsibility but for the first time in a while, we are doing something where we don’t really know what we are doing!  All in all, I think this is good.  I’ve always believed you should push yourself a little out of the comfort zone and this definitely is a big change.  Silly things like where do I get my hair done, how do we get mail, deposit checks, get reliable wifi, good drinking water, doctor’s and dentists, pack all our clothes and kitchen items we need into a very tiny space……

for the first time in a while, we are doing something where we don’t really know what we are doing!

the list of things that runs through my mind has caused a few sleepless nights but the excitement of all the possibilities is also endless and outweighs the other concerns.  I’m generally amazed at the problems we can solve today.  Omnidirectional cell boosting antennas, depositing checks by taking a picture on my phone, collaborating with my coworkers on video calls!  There are very few problems you can’t solve.  BTW – I hate to tag age on myself but I remember watching shows as a kid where video calls seemed amazingly futuristic and now Skype, Slack, and Google Hangouts/Meets are a regular part of my vocab.  Amazing!

One last fun thing from today.  Lilya and I were talking about downsizing to the trailer.  I heard her happily singing in the most fun voice, “I’m getting nothing for Christmas, because we don’t have the room….”  Now, before anyone thinks this is sad, we will still have a traditional Christmas experience even though gifts may be small in size. What I really loved though was her response when I told her that we will be having the BEST Christmas with family in California and experiences that aren’t the norm, her song changed to “I’m having the very best Christmas….”  That is what this opportunity is about.  Spending time with family, giving back to others along the way, and hopefully solving every challenge that arises with grace and a great attitude!


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Scuba Instructor, Travel Enthusiast, Tech Bosslady. Traveling the country in an Airstream. Endlessly curious.....

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