First Time Towing

Lenny said he overcame his three biggest fears with the Airstream on Friday.  When you have never towed a 30-foot trailer before, it can be a little intimidating but he managed it like a champ!  After several hours of orientation Lenny slowly pulled the Airstream out of the garage.  Apparently, he thought they might do that for him!  No better way to learn then just getting behind the wheel.  We drove through evening traffic in Des Moines, hit some tight construction, practiced backing in a large parking lot (which I highly recommend along with a fun tip called “the scoop” that we learned on YouTube).  With a little practice, we then came home and backed it into the driveway on the first try.  With all the excitement, anticipation, and anxiety gone, we cracked open a cold beer and relaxed! 


We spent some time picking up items yesterday, lining all the drawers and shelves, and getting acquainted with the operation of everything so now the packing of all of our stuff into our shiny new home begins!

Published by Karen

Scuba Instructor, Travel Enthusiast, Tech Bosslady. Traveling the country in an Airstream. Endlessly curious.....

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