Thanksgiving and Thankfulness

If you don’t know what we have been up to, we rented out our house in downtown Lee’s Summit to our friends the Parkers who we met through our local community.  They took advantage of a good market and sold their house and didn’t know exactly what their next move was.  We were all chatting at a Fourth Friday’s event this summer and we mentioned that we had a wild idea to rent our house and work and live in an RV for the next year and that they could stay at our place while they figured it out.  The next day, a call came from our friends asking if we were serious.  We were serious as a heart attack!   They came and checked out the place and next thing you know, they would be moving in at the beginning of August.  At that moment, everything became real.  The Parkers have been amazing and a great help along the way.  We think they might be Airstreaming next year!  Haha!

Hanging with the Parkers on the 4th of July. They had to make sure the neighbors were cool before they moved in!

About the same time, tenants at another property we had been renting for 9 years let us know that they would be moving out.  We knew we didn’t want to hassle with trying to rent that house again and since the market was pretty good, we thought it would be best to sell.  However, that property needed a LOT of work to get a good market price.  So, the week we moved out of our primary residence, we moved into the rental and began rehabbing it.  I wanted to have it listed by Labor Day but we were WAY off.  It was just SOOOO much work.  Cleaning, painting, repairing, etc….  Lenny and I worked our day jobs and spent our nights and weekends getting everything done.  It’s never as sexy as it looks on HGTV!  At one point, we were all sleeping in one room in the basement as we worked on the upstairs.  We also didn’t move much into the house since we knew we would be moving back out again soon.  We finally got it listed in October and had several great offers within days.  Nine years of property management and several months of hard work panned out.

Our first cooked meal! Thanksgiving dinner.

So last week we had to move, deal with closing issues for the house, move some remaining items into storage, consolidate the rest into our new 30ft shiny house and get us out of town before the weather got too bad.  If you have been following winter storm Bruce, I’m feeling very thankful right now that we snuck out just in time!  We had planned to leave on Wednesday evening to spend Thanksgiving in Branson with Lenny’s family but had another delay so I found myself trying to figure out what to do for Thanksgiving.  We haven’t had a normal routine for months and the one thing I wanted to ensure was that we took the time to be thankful and to enjoy a decent sit-down meal even in the midst of a tight timeline.  So, Lenny went to the store, got us a small ham, and items to make a few traditional sides.  And of course, no Thanksgiving is complete without pecan pie and eggnog!  So, our first cooked meal in the Airstream was in the driveway of the rental house on Thanksgiving.  To make it more memorable, I forgot to open the stove exhaust and set off the alarm!  Total newb move!

Waking up in the Airstream. The cutest sloth I know!

We finally made it to Branson and spent the rest of the long weekend, getting things in order and learning how to do everything in this little house.  Thankfully, we have had the conveniences of Lenny’s parent’s house for showers and laundry since we still aren’t in a warm enough setting to unwinterize.  Basically, we are still practicing but are planning our next move to Hot Springs, AR (the first National Park and first on our journey) and hope that we will soon hit warm enough weather that we can unwinterize the Airstream and have a fully operating home!  So, in the interim of all of this work, I think it is important to take a moment and reflect on just a few of the things we are most thankful for.

  • Our families, both genetic and adopted
  • Our wonderful friends (shout outs coming for a few in an upcoming post)
  • Our health
  • To live in a time and place where we have the freedom, technology,  and opportunity to take on such an expedition while still maintaining our jobs and quality education for Lilya.
  • The support and excitement of our coworkers and clients
  • The timing of everything.  Both good, and even what seemed to be bad at the time. 🙂

Please leave me a comment of what you are thankful for below.

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11 thoughts on “Thanksgiving and Thankfulness

  1. Glad you all finally got rolling! We’re thankful for all of the things you listed (including furry family members – Hi, Marley!) and especially great friends. Be safe out there. Can’t wait to hear about all of your adventures!


  2. Excited to hear your journey has started! We as well are thankful for the things you listed. Feeling especially thankful for my grandparents! Because of them and the roots they planted, we hosted Thanksgiving this year and were blessed to have 9, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd cousins stay with us from Wednesday until Sunday. They all loaded up and drove a RV from Alabama. It was such a gift to have that time together! My oldest cousin is named Ed, so I could not let them leave in the RV without writing on the the back window “Honk for cousin Ed” 😉
    Looking forward to following your adventures, give Lilya my love!
    Safe Travels


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