Wandering Wanda

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.  Mom’s are pretty good at providing these three squares each day.  Generally, in our house, Lenny has done a good portion of the cooking and I have been a solid sous chef.  The three squares I’ve been trying to provide though have nothing to do with food, but more to do with nourishment of the soul.  Lenny and I both work during the day and Lilya has school, so as much as we would love to be out exploring all day it just isn’t realistic.  However, since we have been able to select our geography we have placed ourselves right next to some fantastic trailheads.  Now a morning, lunchtime, and evening hike are just right outside our door.  We have been working on getting out a little every day to feed our souls.

Lunchtime hike. It took us less than 10 minutes to get to this great view from our site.
My brother Ray and Mom on one of our trips.  Notice the cool Tom Petty shirt!

My mom passed away 5 years ago this week.  I’ve been reflecting on memories with her all week and one thing keeps coming to mind.  As kids growing up, we were so lucky to take long trips from California to Canada to visit with family.  It was on these trips that I think the love for nature and outdoors was fostered in me.  Over the years we took every conceivable route to British Columbia you can imagine and saw some amazing places.  Even though these trips eventually ended, my mom continued to love to get outdoors whenever we could.  Even late in life, she had a big bin packed with camp gear and would try to get me to camp with her whenever she could.  She had an old goose down sleeping bag and a tent that might have been from the ’70’s or ’80s!  Our last camping trip together she pulled these items out only to discover at the campsite that there were holes in everything and it had been well worn.  Thank goodness there is always a WalMart nearby and the tent we purchased on that trip is the one I still use today.  I also still have her fire pit coffee pot and her old camp stove where many a delicious pancake adorned with Canadian maple syrup was made.

Christmas was Mom’s favorite holiday so it’s fitting her tiny urn is under our tiny tree.

My Mom asked to be cremated when she passed away and requested that her ashes be spread under a beautiful tree on my Uncle’s property on Gabriola Island.  Our family gathered together and celebrated my Mom’s life in a way that she would have loved.  At the time, I also purchased three small urns for my brothers and me and kept a few of her ashes aside for each of us.  I find it so fitting that since we are now in a tiny space that this tiny urn has been perfect to bring along on our travels.  I know my Mom would have loved that we are on this adventure and that as a mom, I’m also feeding Lilya’s soul by fostering her love for nature.  I’ve decided I think it would be fitting to leave a few of Mom’s ashes wherever we go.

Thanks Mom!  I love you and miss you but you are still with us every day.

Snorkeling Wanda
You for Scuba?



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5 thoughts on “Wandering Wanda

  1. We can visit that tree ( its a big old eagle tree and your mom loved it ) when you are up in canada soon if you wish. I still think of it lots . Love uncle mel


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