Thanksgiving and Thankfulness

If you don’t know what we have been up to, we rented out our house in downtown Lee’s Summit to our friends the Parkers who we met through our local community.  They took advantage of a good market and sold their house and didn’t know exactly what their next move was.  We were all chattingContinue reading “Thanksgiving and Thankfulness”

Our silver ship is almost ready to sail!

We got the call today!  Our Airstream has come off the line from Jackson Center, OH and has arrived at RVOne in Des Moines, IA.  I was pretty frustrated a couple of weeks ago with the delay but both Airstream and RVOne have been great in working to make the best of the situation.  MistakesContinue reading “Our silver ship is almost ready to sail!”

Anxiously awaiting the Airstream!

I grew up in SoCal close to Disneyland and as a kid, I remember my parents taking us there from time to time.  It was so exciting to go and the drive to get there seemed SO long even though it may have only taken us about 30 minutes – Interstate 5 wasn’t as crazy back in those days.  The anticipation just kept building