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We created this site as a way to inspire others to dream about living the life they always envisioned.  If you are thinking about full-time travel, being a digital nomad, or just living an unconventional life, we hope to be a resource for you by sharing some of our tips, tricks, and favorite places.  Occasionally, there might be some of our general thoughts on whatever we are feeling at the moment too.

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Grand Canyon

How did we get here?

We are the Blue family, and we have been traveling, working, and schooling, full-time in our 30 ft 2019 Airstream Flying Cloud since November of 2018. Our older kids are out on their own now, so it is just Lenny, me (Karen), Lilya, and our little dog Marley in our tiny shiny home.  We still own a “sticks and bricks” house just outside Kansas City, so that is our home base.

Lenny and I are both part-time scuba instructors and have enjoyed travel to many exotic and beautiful places. Usually, we would plan our travels around dive destinations.  In 2017, to switch things up, we opted for a family road trip that took us through the Redwoods for Christmas, down the famed PCH to my hometown in California, and a final stop at the Grand Canyon on the way back to Kansas City.  We did not go glitz and glam but instead opted for a more authentic experience.  We stayed in a small cabin in the woods for Christmas, and the best gift we discovered was the uninterrupted time we spent together.  The entire trip was a fantastic experience but also felt rushed.

Christmas Road Trip_03102018-2372
Bixby Bridge
Christmas Road Trip_03102018-1939
Christmas Day on PCH

After arriving back in Kansas City, we started to discuss finding ways to slow down and simplify.  It was during this time that I started to think about how we could travel full-time and what it would take to make it happen.  As a business owner, I was already working remotely. Still, I knew I personally needed to make a commitment to be more present and also wanted to find a way to pursue my passion for photography.  My poor husband knows that once I set my mind on something, it’s hard to change it, and for the first time in a long time, I was dreaming again.  So after some talks and mapping out a plan to rent our house and sell a rental property to fund a truck and trailer, we threw ourselves all in. Lenny had mainly been working in my business but found a position with an incredible non-profit and an opportunity to work remotely doing something he loves; helping others.

Looking back now, this time was also incredibly scary since I knew that the comfortable life we had worked so hard to build would be at risk.  There were a lot of sleepless nights.  Was I crazy at my age to slow my successful business down and put our financial well being at risk?  Potentially, but I also think we were at risk of living a life of regret by not pursuing our dreams.  I believe that most of us could live a grand adventure, at any age, we just have to choose it.  Any sacrifice we have made has been far outweighed by the journey that we could have never experienced in the “comfortable life” we had before.

So, we thank you for coming by and hope that somehow we can inspire and give back to you in some way.

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